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Publishing House

Our books are published by Editorial Médica Panamericana.

Editorial Médica Panamericana was founded by Roberto and Ernesto Brik, in October 1953, Buenos Aires, with a monthly publication called “Médica Panamericana”- a medical publication for the whole continent. In 1962, it became Editorial Médica Panamericana.

During its 56 years of life, the publishing house spread over Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. This presence has meant a fortress that allowed growth, letting the publishing house to feed on the vast Hispanic patrimony, with a common language unifier of the great cultural diversity.

The commitment is to provide the health professionals with the best contents and appropriate tools for their formation and specialization in health science.

If you wish to distribute our books abroad or you require information on potential licenses to make translations, please contact the Publishing House directly.
Contact information
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Marcelo T. de Alvear 2145
Buenos Aires (1122AAG)

+54-11 4821-5520
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