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10 reasons

We would like to share with you the 10 main reasons why it is nowadays fundamental -for any professional in dentistry- to know and be updated on any subject related to Non Carious Cervical Lesions.
The 10 main reasons

1. It is an extremely current matter.
2. We are authors of a book that specifically focuses on Non Carious Cervical lesions, when there are currently only published works on the subject.
3. It is useful, not only for pre-graduate students, but also for post-graduate ones; and it is especially useful for dentists as a whole.
4. Radial and television advertising -about acid erosion- arises interest and consultations with their professional. As a consequence, the professional has to be prepared for diagnosing and working on them in view of the demand of attention.
5. It is the right moment due to the rise in consumption of food and acid drinks; and because of the increase in tension and emotional stress.
6. Because these lesions affect the aesthetics.
7. Because they frequently generate the fall of restoration.
8. They are the cause of dental hypersensitivity.
9. Because dental structure is at risk.
10. In view of the economic crisis, the solution creates a new source of work.

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